Tip and Tricks for Your Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance provides Nashville, NC, businesses with a higher level of protection that keeps them safe from long-term issues. At Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc., we not only understand these types of policies but a few simple tips and tricks that you can use to improve your experience. By working with us, you make it easier to enhance your company’s protection with these three steps.

Decrease Customer Risk to Improve Rates 

Avoid dangerous working environments for your customers and employees to minimize your potential insurance costs. Decrease insurance costs by making sure that you clean your facility, avoid serious spill problems, take proper steps towards cleaning your area of snow, and much more.

Improve Building Safety 

This step may seem similar to the previous tip but is a little different. You need to repair your facility, not simply clean it up, or perform various forms of upgrades. For example, putting in rails for your steps helps to improve your building safety and elegance.

Bundle Coverage Options 

Lastly, did you know that you can bundle a variety of commercial insurance options into your overall coverage? Not a lot of people do, and they often end up in a tough situation. Contact your provider to learn more about your abilities in this area.

Give Us a Chance to Help You 

At Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc., we have years of experience in providing high-quality commercial insurance and will do what we can to help you. Our team understands the laws dictating your policies in Nashville, NC. We will do what we can to ensure that you get proper coverage and will focus on your needs as a consumer to give you the best chance of satisfaction in this situation.

Is Home Insurance Required in North Carolina?

Homeownership in Nashville, NC is a great personal accomplishment; North Carolina is one of the best places you can buy a home, settle down, start a career, raise a family, and enjoy all the things the state has to offer. The team at Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. understands the process of purchasing home insurance and we’re here to help you through every step. 

While home insurance in North Carolina is not required by law, it’s the best way to maintain peace of mind about the biggest financial investment in your life. You pinched pennies, you made sacrifices, you traveled less and cooked at home more, all so you could afford the home of your dreams. Don’t risk financial hardship by not investing in proper quality insurance to protect your home and the personal property inside! 

If you worked with a lender to secure your home loan, they most likely require you to hold a home insurance policy in the event of any damage to the home that requires repairs or replacing. Insurance covers the majority of these costs, so you don’t have to dip into savings to fix the damage. 

At Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc., we have some of the best insurance agents in the business, and they’re happy to help you select the best insurance policy for your home, personal belongings inside the home, and structures on your property. It’s difficult to predict what could happen, but with the unpredictable weather patterns in North Carolina, we can safely say that you’re better off with a home insurance policy you can count on. 

Nashville, NC is a wonderful place to live. Invest in a home insurance policy that suits your lifestyle, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it! 

Classic Car Insurance FAQs

If you own a classic car in Nashville, NC, it holds a sentimental value, and that’s why it shouldn’t leave the garage without proper protection. Classic car insurance is the protection you need to protect your pride and joy from theft, fire, and other risks. 

But since classic car insurance confuses many people, Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. has put a FAQs section to help you understand everything about this coverage. 

What counts as a classic car?

There is no unified agreement as to the proper definition of a classic car. Depending on whom you ask — insurance companies, enthusiasts, and motor vehicle departments — you are likely to get a contradictory definition. However, while the rules of defining a classic car vary, here is where they converge. 

  • Classic cars are old — over 25 years and above
  • Classic cars aren’t daily drives
  • These cars hold on to their value
  • Classic cars may not be necessary cars — they could be trucks or motorcycles

How different is classic car insurance from standard auto insurance?

Your classic car insurance includes some coverages found in standard auto insurance. However, since the value of classic cars appreciates — unlike conventional vehicles that depreciate from the moment you start driving — you need special insurance that protects the true value of your vehicle.

What’s the difference between agreed value and stated value?

If your classic car is totaled or stolen, your insurer will compensate you using the agreed value or stated value. But what’s the difference? Agreed value is a pre-determined amount that the insurance company agrees to pay the policyholder if their car is stolen or scraped off. On the other hand, stated value is the amount you tell your insurer that your car is worth (of course, with appropriate documentation).

Where can I buy classic car insurance?

If you are shopping for classic car insurance in Nashville, NC, and its environs, don’t look beyond Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. We will provide coverage that protects your heritage.

Nashville, NC Renters Insurance: How much do I need?

Renters insurance may seem unnecessary. But it’s much more important than you realize.

Although your landlord should be insured, this policy won’t protect your personal items if they are stolen or damaged. In the event of property damage or injury where you are found liable, your landlord’s insurance won’t cover this either.

Renters insurance provides valuable protection. However, to get the proper coverage, you need the right policy. The first step is to create a home inventory. This process will keep track of your belongings and determine your insurance needs based on how much these possessions are worth.

Located in Nashville, NC, Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. lists six tips for conducting a home inventory. 

Organize each area

Break your home into sections. Start with one room and move to the next to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Record basic info

List descriptions and what you paid for each item. Include sales receipts if you have them. Scanning or taking pictures of these receipts is a good idea.

Check serial numbers

Record serial numbers for electronics or appliances. If you need to make a claim, these will come in handy.

Group similar items

No need to list every item by itself. Lump low-cost items, like clothes or dishware, together. Assign a price for the entire group.

List valuables separately

Any expensive items must be included individually. This applies to any appraisal or documentation too. Some high-end belongings may not be covered, so check with an agent.

Update regularly

As you buy more stuff, make adding to your home inventory part of your routine.

Consult with an agent in Nashville, NC

Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. understands that finding the proper coverage is important. Their experienced agents can help you find a renters insurance policy that best fits your needs.

Is RV Insurance A Neccesity?

RVs are outstanding vehicles in Nashville, NC for embarking on long road trips because they are a vehicle and a home enshrined in one package. Rather than giving this stunningly beautiful experience of exploration, they also require formidable protection. In a nutshell, RV life can be both fun and liberating. At Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc., serving Nashville and its surroundings, we believe the best way to acquire magnificent RV insurance coverage is to garner the best insurance information. Keep reading to furnish yourself with reasons why RV insurance is a necessity.

Protect your asset

Anytime your RV cruises the roads in Nashville NC you must prepare financially for any abrupt occurrences that might strike it even off the road. Unluckily, calamities such as impending accidents and theft can put your assets in jeopardy. To halt these instances of paying cash, you need RV insurance to cater to repairs and of your RV.

Liability protection

RV insurance in Nashville, NC might shield you from claims, accident liabilities and expensive lawsuits. However, liability insurance in your RV caters to costs arising from injuries and property damage you propagate to other people, and you are found to be legally culpable.

Protect you and your passengers

RV insurance instills peace of mind, knowing that you and your passengers boarding your RV are guarded during a road trip or enjoying a vacation. In addition, if you purchase medical payment coverage on your RV insurance, your medical costs accrued are settled.

It’s a legal requirement.

Just like your car or home, many states, including North Carolina, require your RV to maintain liability insurance. Driving on the roads of North Carolina without this type of RV insurance may expose you to dire penalties and fines.

Do you need prolific RV insurance in Nashville, NC to protect you and your camp trailer? Please call or visit us at Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. for more information about RV insurance.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Terminology in North Carolina

Like auto insurance motorcycle insurance in Nashville, NC has mandatory minimum requirements, but this is often not enough for motorcycle riders in North Carolina. Your bike is a dream come true, and it is something that you want to protect. You need to protect yourself as well.

In the event of a collision, you want to protect both your body and your property from financial loss. At Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. we can help you to understand the terminology in your motorcycle insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Terminology 

Minimum motorcycle insurance coverage will cover you for medical expenses and property damage.  You may want additional coverage, and should know exactly what you are and aren’t covered for in the event of a problem at your home.

  • Bodily Injury Liability: This is a standard for motorcycle insurance, and covers you if you are legally responsible for someone else’s injury or death after a collision.
  • Medical Payments: This coverage will provide excess medical payments for medical costs that are in excess of what standard medical coverage provides after an accident.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This will cover you for all damages or losses incurred by acts that aren’t collision-related, such as fire, vandalism, or theft.
  • Passenger Liability: When you are responsible for a collision, this coverage will pay for all costs related to injury, illness, or death to other parties.
  • Property Damage Liability: When you are at-fault in an accident, this will cover property losses and damages to other parties.
  • Accessories and Special Parts: This coverage will replace any accessories that you have put on your bike in the event of damage or collision. That could include chrome, gear, fairings, windshields, and more.

Get a Quote

When you ride a motorcycle in Nashville, NC, you know that you already have higher risks on the road. At Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. we want you to feel protected against all risks when you are enjoying the freedom a motorcycle brings. Call us for a quote today.

Who should get a boat insurance plan in Nashville?

People that live in the Nashville, NC area will find the area can be a great place to live during the warm summer months of the year. There are a lot of great recreational waterways in the area, which can make it a top place to own a boat. Anyone that wants to invest in a boat this time of the year also needs to have the right insurance. There are a few situations when this coverage is important to have.

When Trying to Cover Assets

A situation when you should get a boat insurance plan is when you want to cover your asset. If your boat is stolen or damaged in any type of accident, having the right insurance coverage will prove to be very advantageous. With this protection, you will be able to repair or even replace it when incurring certain types of loss.

When Trying to Mitigate Liability Risk

You should also try and get boat insurance if you want to mitigate your liability risk. Those that want to operate a boat are going to take on liability risk on a regular basis. If you cause any type of accident, you will need to cover the associated damages. Fortunately, you will have coverage for this risk with a boat insurance plan. 

As you are looking for a new boat in the Nashville NC area, it would be a good idea for you to call Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. There are a lot of choices that need to be made when you are looking for coverage and Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. can make it easier for you. When you work with them, they will help you assess all of your options and boat insurance needs and can then help you build an appropriate plan. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Me?

Do you feel like your current insurance coverages cover you and your assets adequately? What would happen if you are faced with significant liability charges? Would your home, auto, or boat insurance suffice? If the answer is no, you need to consider umbrella insurance from Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. of Nashville, NC. 

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is one of the most commonly misunderstood insurance coverages. Perhaps, because of its name “umbrella,” most people assume that this insurance coverage covers you against everything. Well, the truth is that umbrella insurance gives you extra liability protection when your conventional liability coverages run out.

Umbrella insurance isn’t offered as a stand-alone insurance. It rides on other insurance coverages like auto, renters, home, or boat insurance. Additionally, umbrella insurance doesn’t cover damage or injuries to you. For instance, if someone steals your car or fire destroys your home, umbrella insurance won’t step in.  

How umbrella insurance protects you

Then, if umbrella insurance doesn’t protect my own injuries or property damage, how does it protect me? Below is a rundown of how umbrella insurance protects you. 

  • Pays defense costs: If you are sued, you will have to pay lawyer and processing fees. These costs can quickly stack up, leaving your pocket dry. Thankfully, when you have umbrella insurance, it covers legal costs including, settlement claims when you are found guilty.
  • Provides property damage protection: Assume that a tree from your garden falls over and damages your neighbor’s house. Your home insurance protects you, but umbrella insurance kicks in when your home insurance limit is exhausted.
  • Provides bodily injury coverage: Umbrella insurance protects you when you cause injuries to third parties. For instance, if you are at fault for a severe accident causing significant injuries to the other driver, umbrella insurance covers medical costs and legal claims exceeding your auto insurance.
  • Personal liability protection: Covers you against libel, slander, and other personal liabilities not covered by other insurance coverages. 

Would you like to get umbrella insurance protection in Nashville, NC? Please contact Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. Our team will help you choose an umbrella insurance plan that protects your assets and future earnings.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

We need water to live, but sometimes water can have detrimental effects when it hits our house as a flood. The damage from a flood can be extremely costly and time-consuming to clean up, so it does not cause mold to form. A homeowner can end up pain $20,000 or more due to damages from just one flood.

People who live in floodplain areas are more than likely required to have flood insurance, but it’s a great idea for everyone to have it because you never know when a flood will occur in your area. While North Carolina homeowners are not required to obtain flood insurance, it is available throughout the state through a federally-backed program called the National Flood Insurance Program. It can be obtained through private insurance companies, such as Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. in Nashville, NC.

Types of Flood Insurance

There are two main types of flood insurance available to homeowners: building property flood insurance and personal property flood insurance. The building property type insurance will provide the replacement cost value of your house if it is destroyed in a flood or to repair damages in curd to your house from a flood. Personal property flood insurance will provide coverage to replace $100,000 of your personal belongings and household items that were inside your home and lost to a flood. This does not include the depreciation value of each item.

To obtain a private flood insurance policy with all the coverage you need for your situation, contact the flood insurance agents at Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. in Nashville, NC. Call for a flood insurance policy quote or for an appointment to obtain a flood insurance policy and get it started. Time is essential since many policies do not go into effect until 30 days after the policy is initiated. In other words, do not wait until the storm is upon you to try to get your flood insurance policy in place.

Life Insurance Means Peace of Mind for Your Family

There are many ways to have more peace of mind, and a good life insurance policy can be one of them. Not only will it give you more comfort, but your family will also feel more secure. At Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc., we can help you find the right life policy for your needs. If you’re in the Nashville, NC area, we’re here to answer your questions and work with you to locate the insurance coverage that fits your lifestyle and family situation. Everyone is different, and you want to get an insurance policy that’s going to be specific to your needs.

Knowing that your family is protected in the event of your death can be very important when it comes to feeling secure. It can help you enjoy life with your loved ones and not worry as much about the future. It can also give you and your family the freedom to have adventures and do things together, so you don’t focus on concerns or potential problems. Your family may rely on you to take care of them, and if you can’t do that anymore, it helps to know they’ll still be provided for properly.

If you’re in or around the Nashville, NC area, reach out to us today at Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. We’ll work with you to find the right life insurance policy for your family’s needs.

There are several factors to consider when choosing this type of policy, and the best way to get the information you need to make an informed choice is to talk to trusted professionals. Our trained and dedicated agents want you to have the coverage you need and feel secure in your policy choice, so your family will have the protection you want for them.