Will my renters insurance policy cover theft?

You are probably wondering how to ensure your personal belongings when living in a rented house. Well, renters insurance covers you and belongings from unexpected events such as fire, theft, sewer blockage, or injuries within a rented house. You are covered if anyone is injured while within your property. Where your home is rendered entirely uninhabitable, alternative living arrangements will be catered for by the renter’s insurance policy. If you live in Nashville, NC, speak to one of Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services, Inc. agents on getting a renters insurance policy.

How renters insurance works

In an instance where you suffer the loss of personal belongings through theft or burglary, the renter’s insurance policy will reimburse the cost of items lost based on the coverage you have put in place and the type of loss. It is essential to inform our Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services, Inc. agents whether you would like the actual depreciated value of an item or the cost of a new item so that this is captured in your policy.

Precious items such as jewelry may have a value limit or may require additional coverage should their value be above the set limit. Where a visitor is injured while within your premises or condo, file a claim with Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services, Inc.to have your medical costs covered.

Do you really need a renters insurance cover?

While it may not be required by law to have renters insurance, your landlord may require you to have a renters insurance policy in your rental leasing agreement. A rental insurance policy protects you and your landlord from the financial obligation you are likely to incur in case of property damage or injuries. Renters insurance will cover the cost of repairs.

Where your landlord in Nashville, NC requires you to have a renters insurance cover, speak to our Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services, Inc. to get a policy or visit our website for more information.