How Umbrella Insurance Works

Making sure that you have all the insurance you need may require having more than just home and auto insurance policies. It may also require having an umbrella policy. If you have questions about this type of policy or want to get started with it, call us at Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. in Nashville, NC.

Insurance for Accidents

If there is an accident with your vehicle, you have auto insurance. If there is an accident in your home, you have home insurance that includes liability coverage. The problem is that many people don’t have enough liability coverage in their home or auto policies. Without enough coverage, you could be on the hook for a lot of money after your insurance maxes out and won’t pay all of the bills for medical expenses or property damage. When you get an umbrella policy, it will add to the liability coverage you have in both your home and auto policies. 

Using Your Umbrella Policy

When an accident happens, the liability coverage you have through your home and auto policies is there to protect you. However, it will only do that up to the policy’s maximum payout. And with liability insurance, this can be quite low when considering how much medical bills and other related expenses can cost. When you have umbrella insurance, it comes in after that policy has maxed out to pay for what is leftover. Umbrella policies come with extremely high maximums to have better peace of mind. With this policy in place, you are far better protected if someone has an accident in your home or an accident is caused by your vehicle. 

Get Insured With Umbrella Insurance

When you want to know that you have better protection, think about the coverage you would get from an umbrella policy. Contact us at Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. in Nashville, NC, when you want to know more.