Do I Need To Insure My Boat Trailer?

You probably don’t need to insure your trailer if you keep your boat in a marina. However, if you keep it at a private dock or moored in the water, you will need to get it covered. Trailers are covered under the same policy as your boat and must be insured at the same level as your boat. 

In most cases, the minimum necessary level of coverage will be a significant amount lower than the value of your trailer. If you keep your trailer in a public or private parking lot with no supervision, you must get it insured. Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc. in Nashville, NC can answer any questions. 

How to Go About Boat Trailer Insurance 

Boat trailer insurance is required in most states. In an accident, it can shield you from unanticipated costs and protect you financially. Trailer insurance usually comes as a percentage of the trailer’s value, often between 2 and 5 percent. 

This can be significantly less expensive than insuring a brand new boat. The value of your boat trailer will depend on the trailer’s condition and the condition of the boat that it hauls. You can also add a guaranteed replacement value option to your policy, which will pay out the value of the boat trailer if it is totaled in an accident. 

Most boat owners have their boats covered with a liability policy, but many don’t realize they also need coverage for their trailers, which are often left out. If someone is injured on your boat, they can sue you, and the court will consider the trailer’s value to determine how much they can receive in damages. Though you may not use the trailer often, it is still a necessary piece of equipment for your boat and must be adequately insured. 

The price of this policy will be determined by the business you decide to collaborate with. If the boat is hauled with a trailer, either a flatbed or a car hauler, or keep it on a trailer in case of a flood, it must have adequate insurance coverage. Boat trailers are valuable pieces of equipment, and you don’t want to be left without a way to transport your boat if something happens to the trailer. 


Most homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies will not cover your boat if it is damaged beyond repair or stolen. You may need to buy another insurance policy for your boat to protect it in an accident. But for advice in Nashville, NC, call Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services Inc.