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North Carolina life insurance coverage

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Life Insurance in North Carolina

One of the biggest worries our clients at Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services, Inc. has is whether they will have the funds to cover their final costs and the burden they may place on their families. Life insurance is a policy that offers security for loved ones who are left behind after the passing of a loved one. Life coverage can help pay for costs that are left behind in the wake of your death.

Are you carrying outstanding debt?

If you are currently carrying a mortgage, car note, or loan, you should ensure that your life insurance policy will cover the current cost of that debt so that your family members and loved ones are not left to cover the cost. Property that they may have wanted to inherit could be lost if a lien or debt is outstanding, and they are unable to pay the difference.

Estate costs can be expensive.

If you own a lot of property in or around the Nashville, NC area, and plan to divide the estate upon your passing, your family members will be responsible for covering any probate or estate costs that come with dividing the property. Services such as surveys and audits can be costly and will cost your loved ones financially. When you build your policy, include enough funds for your beneficiaries to pay these costs.

Have the services you want.

Final costs and services at a funeral home are often required to be paid in full by the directors. If there are certain services that you are adamant about having, then it is essential to include funds in your policy that will cover these costs. By not having enough funds to cover these costs, your family may be burdened financially to fulfill your wishes during their time of mourning.

Get covered today!

If you are a North Carolina resident looking to get life insurance coverage, contact the agents at Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services, Inc. today for more information. We proudly serve clients living in Nashville, NC, and around the state.


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