Do I Live in a Flood Zone?

Determining if you live in a flood zone has never been easier than with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Flood Map Service Center. This free-to-access and use website shows information like food zones and floodways and lets you search by address to determine if your home or one you are considering purchasing is in a high-risk flood area. Your home is designated by a zone, with the most common ones being:

  • Zone A: High risk or most commonly occurring flood zone. If you live in this zone, flood insurance is likely required.
  • Zone B: Homes in this area have a moderate flood hazard risk.
  • Zone C: Minimal flood hazard risk
  • Zone D: Possible risk of flooding, but the hazard level is undetermined.
  • Zone V: Special flood hazard area for coastal areas with a high risk of floods.

In addition to purchasing flood insurance to protect your home, you can take a few other steps to prevent or mitigate flooding. Start by purchasing a flood sensor that notifies you of water leaks before they become major problems. You can purchase standalone flood sensor devices or bundle the technology with your home security system. Lastly, investing in a sump pump for your home is a relatively cost-effective and proven way to quickly remove unwanted water from your home before severe damage occurs.

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