Tips to Prepare Your North Carolina Home Against Winter Weather

As the winter months approach, homes in North Carolina should prepare for the weather that comes with the season. While it is mild compared to other states, there are still weather dangers that could cause damage to your home. Below are some tips to help protect your home from winter weather such as ice, heavy snow, and frigid temperatures brought to you by Hedgepeth-Hutson Insurance Services, Inc. 

Cover your pipes

Before the weather becomes too cold, you should wrap your water pipes to protect them from the freezing temperatures. In this weather, they can freeze due to the weather and burst, causing significant damage throughout your home. Also, you will want to drain any outdoor hoses and pipes, also. Although they are not used as much in the winter, if they are not drained properly, they can also burst and amplify damages both internally and externally. 

Clean your gutters

Before the snow and ice make their way to Nashville, NC, you should take an afternoon to remove any fall foliage and debris from your gutters. Pinecones, straw, leaves, and excess water from the last rainfall can add some weight to your gutters. If snow or ice fall into your gutters, and they are already full of this debris, they will become too heavy and fall, causing exterior damage to your home. 

Time for window insulation

You will want to keep the heat inside your home in the winter, so add window insulation to keep your home warm and minimizing the use of your heat during the winter. This protects your utility bill through the winter months and overall home protection because the heating unit is not being overworked.

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